Rooster painting
I think he is finished! I had a great time painting this feisty fella, who's name in real life is Francoise. His  keeper (Katie G) graciously allowed me to use her photo as a reference. He has such character!
This is painted in acrylic on canvas, and is 16x20". The photo has a bit of a blue cast which isn't accurate- just bad lighting to try to take a photo of a 'white' canvas- but you get the idea :)

Thanks so much to all the people who stopped in at the Art Fair yesterday!! We had a great day- the weather held steady and the crowds were good. Found new homes for a couple of the original paintings, as well as lots of cards and magnets. Next stop is the Dragon Art Fair in Deforest on June 2nd....Make sure you stop by and see us again!! :)
I have to share my grand-daughters awesome watercolor paintings! Madison is 8 yrs old, and loves to draw and paint. Unfortunately for both of us, I am over a thousand miles away and can't help her out...BUT, she is doing a GREAT job learning the watercolors nonetheless!! I have to thank her mommy Lisa for encouraging her and helping her with supplies. Thanks Lisa!!!!
So, here are some examples of her paintings:
Madison, hard at work...look at the concentration!
Love the movement and colors in her waves...nicely done :)
Love the attention to detail, and that the Robin got his worm!
Can you tell she is looking forward to spring?!
Look at the great blending and play of colors in her background...love it! Madison, is it easier to PLAY the guitar or PAINT the guitar??
A very cool painting of her sister's Clarinet! Love the notes floating about in the background. Great detail too!
Our new (companion) website is up and running! This site will feature ONLY bird art that Greg has painted. I figured he deserved a separate site to showcase his wonderful birds. So, please make sure you have a look at
I would love to hear any feedback, good, bad or otherwise. Anything I can do to improve on the site is most welcome!
WOW, more exciting news. We have been accepted to exhibit at the Madison Art Fair Off The Square this year! This will be a totally new experience for us, and we are stoked!
From the WAAC site:
Located in downtown Madison along Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and on the Monona Terrace Convention Center Esplanade, the 33rd Annual Art Fair Off the Square takes place July 14 & 15, 2012.. The two day event is a showcase for about 140 Wisconsin exhibitors and includes a Kids' Craft Corner, a public art project, food, and children's entertainment.
Here is a photo we shot a couple of years ago when visiting the fair. You can only see a SMALL portion of it though.
This show runs in conjunction with Art Fair On the Square which has approximately 450 more artists from all over the US. Expected attendance is in the neighborhood of 200,000 for the weekend.
QUITE a spectacle and a GREAT show to visit! Make sure you plan for it this summer!

We now have several pieces of our artwork at Sweet Lips Art & Gift Gallery in Lake Mills, WI.
We were excited to meet Brynne and see the gallery on Saturday. This shop/gallery is a fantastic ! We browsed and chatted and had a wonderful visit with Brynne. She is an awesome lady with a most welcoming personality- if you get a chance, go out to Lake Mills to visit this galleria...it is a GEM, and you won't be sorry!
We have been accepted into the Madison Audubon Art Fair, scheduled for May 5th,2012 and Spring Green on June 23 and 24th. We were also invited back to Lake Mills Art Festival on July 21st. Still waiting to hear on a few more shows. Hoping we will have a busy and productive season! I will update when more show info is available, but please make sure to stop by and say HI if you are in the neighborhood!
I have been having a great deal of fun the past few months 'playing' with acrylic paint after so many years of watercolor, and the results have been mixed- Some I like, some I don't like, and some I don't KNOW if I like ...! Whatever the result, the time spent in play and experimentation is invaluable. It is freeing, and allows the inner spirit to release. I don't understand some of what happens on the canvas, and that is okay. Sometimes the colors are vibrant and crazy- other times subtle and subdued. I am learning about myself and the paint. I am learning that it is okay to just have FUN with no preconceived idea or direction in mind. I am learning that not every painting will work out, and that the one that didn't hold much promise shines through in the end. I am learning that it is okay to be childlike with what I apply to the canvas, and that not everyone will see what I see when they look at it. I am learning that abstract painting is much more difficult than it appears! I am exploring different subject matter and different painting styles. I hope that through this all I will find my own style and my own niche. If I don't, that is okay to.
I am LEARNING...and PLAYING...and HAPPY doing it. It doesn't get much better than that!
Have a happy and play filled day!

So, here we go....
I have never written a blog, and my 'creative writing' skills are seriously lacking :)
I want to make my blog about (what else?) ART..and the creative spirit, and all things good and bad with the creation of art...and whatever else comes to mind.
Greg and I have been a painting 'team' since 2007. We have definitely had our ups and downs with our art. It isn't always great...we have had creative droughts, but we have also experienced creative highs...and those make up for the not-so-good times....really, they do!
Being a team, we paint together much of the time. Our studio is set up beside the kitchen, in a small bonus room. Totally dedicated, and FULL of art 'STUFF'. It can, and DOES get a little 'disorganized'...and that is usually a result of me getting into my work, and ignoring the whole organizing and keeping a neat space. I tend to work fast, in a grab-and-go manner. Greg is much more organized, and I think I make him a little crazy sometimes!!! Glad he is a good sport! (thanks dear). I will try to catch a photo of the studio-but not today- it is a FRIGHT!!
Luckily we have a basement to store all the paintings and larger items. Someday maybe will have a real studio and gallery! It is fun to dream :)